Maire Cahoon, L.Ac.

1314 S. King St., Suite 707
Honolulu, HI 96814

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I'm Maire Cahoon and I'm an acupuncturist, herbalist, mom, and lover of the outdoors.

My passion is helping others feel better in their bodies. If you feel good in your body, mind and spirit, this will shine outwards in positive ways into every aspect of your life: health, relationships, and career.

My holistic approach to health and well-being draws from a variety of cultures and practices, with an emphasis on Chinese Medicine.

Through my experiences in treating patients and most importantly finding ways to help myself, I've developed the philosophy that no one way works for everyone. I've amassed an array of tools to create customized treatments and recommendations tailored to your uniqueness.

World Medicine Institute, MSOM


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Insurance accepted:
Triwest, HMAA, UHA, ASH (HMSA, Kaiser), ChiroPlan, Aloha Care 


Client Focus:
Pain Management
Women's Health

Languages spoken:
English, French


"I have had the pleasure of knowing Maire Cahoon for about 2 years, and during this time she has opened my eyes to the benefits of visiting a well-trained and professional acupuncture specialist. Maire is able to successfully combine the qualities of professionalism, and kind/compassionate/personalized care. When introduced to her for the first time, I had little experience with acupuncture, and was skeptical of what benefits even a well-trained practitioner would be able to provide. In my first session alone, Maire was able to effectively relieve multiple ailments, and more importantly, introduce me to a more healthy lifestyle that I continue today. She is effective not only with the technical skills, but also with forming positive relationships with others, and educating others about health. Maire opened my eyes to what expert acupuncture practice can provide to patients, and I am able to endorse Maire Cahoon for her acupuncture expertise without reservation." - Gavin U. Honolulu, HI

"Aloha!  I am and always have had a very active lifestyle.  Now more than ever!  I have a physical job and also travel for work.  Years of injuries, overuse and getting older have put a toll on my body.  Maire introduced me to acupuncture for the first time.  It changed my life!  After years of physical therapy, chiropractors and back school, I am able to find a treatment that I consider body maintenance.  She uses different methods and finds the one that works for me!  It's amazing to find an alternative treatment that not only helps my symptoms, but in some cases totally clears them up!  I am a believer!  Mahalo Maire!!" - Kalei W. Honolulu, HI

"I can honestly say that this is the best experience I've ever had! Ms. Cahoon is incredibly knowledgeable with the many different aspects involved in Chinese Medicin. She is in tune with customizing the session to your personal needs and she has created a calming environment, with attention to detail that makes the overall experience a calming & rejuvenating one. I absolutely recommend Mala Healing Arts to anyone interested in finding relief via Acupuncture/Chinese Medicine." - Nanea T. Honolulu, HI