Acupuncturist Member Benefits

Benefits to Provider Members


* Collaborate with other health professionals to provide integrative medical treatment

* Work with Insurance Companies to enhance member plans to include acupuncture and improved managed care

* Improve clinical documentation through the education of our members and the development of comprehensive and standardized forms

* Negotiate with Insurance companies to increase member reimbursements and offer specific benefits for our members

* Improve claims management in cooperation with insurance companies, in order to expedite and streamline the reimbursement process, for the benefit of both parties

* Promote ethical standards of practice through the oversight of adherence to the AcuPlan Hawaii Code of Ethics

* To assist in the establishment if statutes, rules and regulations, supporting legislative efforts to protect the interests of the public and qualified practitioners

* Provide continuing education opportunities, mentorship and information sharing to our members

* Provide easy access to practice management tools, industry news, organization news, standardized forms, insurance claims procedures, and other information pertinent to the successful practice of acupuncture in the State of Hawaii

* Negotiate specific benefits for our members from suppliers, vendors, educators

* Provide marketing tools and assistance for our members supporting their success

* Provide a point of contact and interface with insurance companies