AcuPlan Policies

AcuPlan Policies/Requirements of membership
1.  In order to maintain membership, the $80 annual fee and a copy of current malpractice is required.

2. In order to have an INACTIVE status with AcuPlan, the $80 annual fee is still due (malpractice policy on file is not required).  This status will prevent the $1000 one-time payment from being assessed if you wish to join again later

3. Insurance companies will be notified of any members who have INACTIVE status.  Once the requirements of active status are met again, insurance companies will be notified of the new status.

4. In order to remain as a member in "good standing" with AcuPlan, all members must adhere to binding agreements made by the membership, as well as, the requirements listed in #1.

5. Prospective new members will have their licenses checked with RICO before being accepted as a member.

6. The one-time fee for new members will be increased to $1000 to plus a $100 non-refundable fee for processing the application

Minimum Requirements for membership  Membership in good standing   Inactive membership
 Annual dues paid  Annual dues paid   Annual dues paid
 Malpractice insurance $1M/$3M  Malpractice insurance  $1M/$3M  Hawaii state license in good standing  
 Hawaii state license in good standing  Hawaii state license in good standing 
 Adherence to binding agreements voted by membership at large